Written in 2008, [AT3] is a television screenplay that won 8 awards for writing excellence and concept presentation. Take a look at the post-apocalyptic, supernatural world that’s being held together by the few strangers that have yet to understand how much their actions really do affect the rest of us.

About The Project

Spanning a over decade of hard work and dedication, [AT3] is a soulful journey that takes it’s audience on a ride through a supernatural, post-apocalyptic and highly suspenseful story in the heart of Detroit, Michigan. Using the Michigan Central Station as it’s central component, it’s redesign using 3DS Maxx for the very first time was introduced with an ulterior motive: to salvage timeless, historical landmarks by keeping them alive in the creative backdrop of the visual arts while simultaneously creating a story that not only engages viewers outside of the series itself, but reaches across many platforms in the gaming and product design industries.

Our Role

Working with storyboard artist Dwayne Brought, critically acclaimed composer Harold Crisman and talented actors such as Elizabeth June, our goal was to create an entire world for investors to immerse themselves in as we presented to them a new kind of entertainment. HAZE Multimedia brought these talented individuals together to create an assortment of marketing materials from concept trailers, original music and concept artwork so that producers could better showcase the full depth of [AT3].

Photoshop Icon
Illustrator Icon
Video Production

This concept trailer was used to provide insight as to how the style of After The Third would be presented to the public. The original score was created by Harold Crisman.

After Thr Third ‘Concept Trailer’
Edited By: Gabriel Haze
Produced By: HAZE Multimedia

Logo Design





One of the many facets that a story needs in order to convey itself appropriately is images. They are the best form of communication between the director and actors, cameramen and director of photography, even between producers and buyers interested in a picture rich with well thought out imagery. Storyboard artist Dwayne Broughton, helped make that happen with his uncanny ability to take the words of a writer and bring them to life.

Using 3DS Maxx, the Detroit Central Station was built to scale and completely faced in original Photoshop textures. This iconic building is the central character of the entire story.

Dertoit Central Station, MI
3D Model By: Gabriel Haze
Featuring “Wandering Star” by Sneaker Pimps

Video Production

Harold Crisman is the composer responsible for the theme instrumental for After The Third as well as the cover version of Gnarles Barkley’s “Crazy” heard in the teaser concept trailer featured right. The theme song was set to convey a bittersweet blend of old and new from cello’s and violins to the sparring of metal and cement.

Featured Right:
After The Third ‘Teaser Concept Trailer’
“Crazy” Performed by: Harold Crisman
Produced & Edited By: Gabriel Haze


Full Sail Ace Awards


“Official Commendation”
Yosemite Film Festival


Buffalo Niagara Film Festival


Page International Screenwriting Festival


Sky Film Festival