Online and television advertising is key to any brand’s success in the clothing industry and Andrew Christian is no exception. Enclosed within this portfolio page are two videos edited for their campaign under new line of underwear called Vibe.

About The Project

As a brand that uses ‘eye candy’ to attract it’s base following, Andrew Christian has tapped into the male undergarment market in a way like no other has – using the visual components he harnesses to expand his undergarment business in many other diverse select groups globally. The two videos in this project represent both my skills as an editor, but also as an onsite video director and cameraman.

Our Role

Using my creativity as video editor and motion graphics designer for these two spots I was able to step back and allow the raw footage speak for itself. Color transitions, swift and precise editing as well as harmonious overlays give a sense of raw sexual emotion which only aids in making these briefs wanted even more.

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‘So Excited’ uses quick edits and raw color overlays to create an iconic and edgy feel. By simply focusing on the environment and it’s beautiful models, this 30 second clip gets to the point and leaves you wanting more.

Andrew Christian ‘So Excited’ 
Edited By: Gabriel Haze

Andrew Christian ‘Trophy Boy’ 
Filmed, Directed & Edited By: Gabriel Haze

Video Production

The challenge of this video spot was to film, direct and edit a 15 second promo in 8 hours or less. The result is a very erotic piece of ad space that goes to the core of the Andrew Christian brand.