Influenced by childhood memories of the Spy vs. Spy comics, this candy prototype invites sweet lovers to choose their own flavor combinations by inserting a hard candied core into a soft jelly bomb.

Atoms Candy 'Maddened Mango'; Package Design
About The Project

Atom Bomb’s candies were created as a food prototype geared towards boys and girls aged 8 to 14 years. Ideally, flavors would be placed strategically throughout different locations to ensure that no one venue would carry more than a handful of flavors in order to increase the likelihood that trading would occur.

Our Role

As sole creator and designer of this product my goal is to one day have these tasty treats manufactured for all to enjoy. Programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator were used to design the components and then printed on card stock for assembly.

Photoshop Icon
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Atom Bomb Candies; Package Design
Package Design

These candies are designed to be shipped in ‘side by side’ boxes to maximize visual impact when on store shelves. By using high contrast, black and white colors as the main display, it not only allows the individual packs to stand out but also makes an impact next to other brands competing for attention.

Package Design
Atoms Candy 'Charged Cherry'; Die-cut Package Design
Atoms Candy 'Livid Lemon'; Die-cut Package Design
Atoms Candy 'Velocity Vanilla'; Die-cut Package Design