The speakeasy swagger of gangsters in the early 1900’s made it’s way to the design concept for Black Tie Love Affair’s first album release. Using original photography this concept introduces the jazz band to a few poker chips, fine cigars and a few faces that are hard to resist regardless of their dangerous persona.

About The Project

HAZE Multimedia welcomes the challenge of working with new artists looking to create an image that works for them. Black Tie Love Affair started from scratch looking for a means to stand out in their musical category of jazz and blues and what resulted was a romantic yet distinguished example of class and style.

My Role

As director of this project it was my pleasure spending a day with band getting the right photographic shots that would be used on poster and CD art. Once these images were completed, intense Photoshop skills were used to create a playful and interesting package design.

Photography & Poster Art

Black Tie Love Affair [Poster]
Black Tie Love Affair [Photo]
Black Tie Love Affair [Photo]
Black Tie Love Affair [CD Design]

CD Package Design