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Winning six ‘First Place’ awards for editing and direction, ‘Come Over After’ was a multilayered rebranding project for the alternative rock duo. The premiere, which took place in Orlando at the exclusive Lyrica nightclub, was accompanied by a new logo, photography, package design and several additional print marketing materials.

Dagnese 'Come Over After' DVD/CD Presskit
About The Project

Dagnese requested a complete overhaul of their brand in order to expand their fan base. Produced by Cody Foltz of Left Digital Media, HAZE Multimedia was able to present them with a cohesive look from start to finish that included a promotional photo shoot, music video and the handmade production of 500 CD/DVD sets.

Our Role

As project director I led 100+ crew members on set over a 4 day shoot, worked as video director,  lead editor, portrait photographer, product designer and assembler. Once the individual components were completed, I was responsible for coordinating a live event for the video premiere which took place at a 55,000 square foot entertainment complex located in Orlando.

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Video Production

‘Come Over After’ uses moody undertones and high contrast to create a subdued atmosphere as two lover’s share a journey towards reconciliation.

Dagnese ‘Come Over After’
Directed By: Gabriel Haze
Produced By: Left Digital Media

Behind The Scenes of
‘Come Over After’

Logo Design
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Dagnese Logo
Dagnese Logo





Dagnese 'Come Over After' DVD / CD Press Kit, DVD Package & Inset Booklet.
Package Design

Over 500 of these press kits were made by hand using screen-printed aluminum, cardboard, black shelf liner and large format sticker-backed images. Their purpose was to give the artist a high-end, modern packaging to hand over to record executives and collector’s alike.

Chris Dagnese from 'Dagnese'
Craig Dagnese and Chris Dagnese from 'Dagnese'
Craig Dagnese and Chris Dagnese from 'Dagnese'
Event Coordination

Well executed event coordination is key to a successful meeting, product launch or late night premiere. We work with local vendors and businesses to help promote your event and have success in getting a large portion of items free of charge just for cross promotional advertising! Check out the music video produced by Left Digital Media using footage from the night of the premiere!

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Dagnese ‘Call Out To Me’ Live
Lyrica Entertainment Complex
Produced & Edited By: Left Digital Media

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