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Using After Effects, this motion graphics piece displays the ability to animate using only the basic methods of animation: [scale, opacity, position, anchor point and rotation] and is used as a company trademark seen before visual works.

Animation components from a stink bug used in the HAZE Multimedia motion graphics bumper.
About The Project

This motion graphics piece is my first attempt working with animation and using After Effects. First created as an assignment for college that later became the opening bumper for all motion graphics and film projects created by HAZE Multimedia; the challenge was to create an animated short using only the five (5) basic animation properties [scale, opacity, position, anchor point and rotation]. This gave pupils the ability to understand animation at it’s core before being allowed to use plugins that shortened the time span it takes to create certain types of visual effects.

A lot of my earlier works included insects due to a personal fear of them. As a result I found it cathartic to reimagine them as less threatening, cartoon-like beings in many of my paintings as well.

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Motion Graphics

The main concept behind this project was to establish a sense of personal branding and how you would wish to present yourself to the world. As a fan of high contrast, vivid color, juxtaposition and dark humor, the HAZE Multimedia bumper explores these areas throughly.

HAZE Multimedia
Directed & Edited By: Gabriel Haze
Sound Design By: Gabriel Haze

Animation Stills
Animation still from the HAZE Multimedia motion graphics bumper.
Animation still from the HAZE Multimedia motion graphics bumper.