Motion Graphics / 3D

3D Modeling

Gabriel’s first 3D modeling project meant to demonstrate his basic understanding of 3DS MAXX. This is the environment that is used for a television series project that was created and written by Gabriel titled ‘After the 3rd’.

During these clips of this project you will see scenes of white blocks with black lines. These images represent what the model looks like with no texture and gives the viewer an idea of the amount of modeling/shaping that was used.

Music Visualization

This motion graphics piece is Gabriel’s first attempt at using 3D in After Effects and is meant to be a music visualization of a song he wrote and performed when he fronted a rock/alternative band called Seraphyn back in 2001. Using imagery from his fine art collection, he basic approach is to create an uncomfortable feel with ones own skin, feeling buried alive by the things that surround us.

Game Concept Design

Mystery and suspense is something that everyone should be able to bring to the table. With that being said Clue has been brought back to life by creating an RPG [Role Playing Game]. This reinvention of the classic Parker Brothers board game has been transformed in order to broaden it’s audience to the [18+] crowd since the little ones already have their kid friendly version.