Title design for 'Unconditional' documentary short.

Filmed in the Spring, months of collaboration with musicians, cameramen and artists brought to the table a soul searching documentary that will contend with many who seek to understand the reality behind same sex relationships.

Poster design for the documentary short 'Unconditional'.
About The Project

Unconditional follows the lives of two men, Brian Patterson and Michael Foster, over a two day period as they prepare to celebrate their love for one another by having a commitment ceremony in the back yard of their Sanford, Florida home. My goal was to deliver this event minus the political fanfare and bring to audiences abroad a realistic view of how true love will prevail regardless of laws passed to prevent its legally recognized foothold in American society.

Our Role

Opening title and end movie credits are commonly created using motion graphics and 3D animation. ‘Unconditional’ uses these mediums to bring to life a photographic world to tell a story before the actual ‘story’ begins. As director, editor and motion graphics artist of this documentary, it was my job to ensure a cohesive package that could be distributed to film festivals and fans.

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Video Production


Using handheld camera techniques and fully immersing the camera crew into the couples home for several days and nights, ‘Unconditional’ maintains a low-key, carefully monitored story that keeps negative propaganda at bay. 

Directed & Edited By: Gabriel Haze
Produced By: Left Digital Media

Title Design
'Unconditional' Icon Design
'Unconditional' Title Design
Title design for 'Unconditional' documentary short.



The following music video was created to promote the film and was assembled using footage from the movie. “What’s Your Story” was one of four songs written for the movie including the title track ‘Unconditional’ which was produced in part by HAZE Multimedia.

‘Whats’ Your Story’
Performed & Written By: Harold Crisman
Produced, Directed & Edited By: Gabriel Haze

‘Book of Love’ Trailer
Edited By: Gabriel Haze

‘Feather Woman’ Trailer
Edited By: Gabriel Haze

Event Coordination

Held at the famous Parliament House in Orlando, Florida, ‘Unconditional’ brought together several hundred fans, activists and family for an evening of cocktails and celebration of unconditional love. The gallery on the right highlights guests checking in before getting ready to view the film for the very first time.

'Unconditional' Web Site
Web Design
'Unconditional' Web Site